Why we think we’re Special

Excellence – Authenticity – Customer Service

Kerry Aqua Terra’s adventure and education based excursions offer sea and land adventures from March/April through to October, to both individuals and groups. We offer competitive prices with a strong emphasis on excellent service and experience during our tours.

Our team believes in the company’s environmental policy and together we are working towards sustainable tourism.

As a part of our social responsibility policy we support the local community as well as focusing on building good relationships with our fellow colleagues in the sector, our neighbours, our suppliers and our customers.

Kerry Aqua Terra’s main goal is to be a leading company of sustainable tourism in Ireland along with providing excellent customer service and a great variety of tours to our customers.

Our Vision
We wish to offer our guests a unique and exciting experience of Ireland by interacting with the amazing geographical and culture delights in our area. We aim to deliver our tours and experiences with expert local guides who have attention to detail that is second to none. We aim to maintain and expand our unique range of local tours and excursions in line with our principles of Excellence, Authenticity and Customer Service.

Our Mission
Kerry Aqua Terra seeks to bring to the life the real authentic stories and folklore of Valentia Island and the Skellig Coast. Our mission is to provide a platform for the amazing stories, folklore and facts of the years gone by that are waiting to be discovered today in the backdrop of some of Ireland’s most amazing and majestic scenery. We wish for present and future generations to be shaped by the past, through seeing and experiencing our history in the immersive environment of Valentia Island and the Skellig coast line.


Island Life & Transatlantic Cable Tour

The Knight of Kerry influence, transatlantic cable and island experiences

Stroll casually through the unique village of Knightstown that was designed during the 1800s for the Knight of Kerry. Discover the old school house within the village along with the local heritage centre that will bring the characters and stories to life that has shaped island life on Valentia to the present day. Read more…


Celtic Spirituality Experience

Fairies, Vikings and Monks – Mysteries, Monastery and Nordic influences await

On Church Island, guests will climb from the water’s edge to discover a unique and fully restored 7th century Monastery. It was here on Church Island, the monks encountered the Viking’s who subsequently established a settlement on Beginish Island only 200 metres away. Read more…


Dark Sky Cruises

Ocean meets sky at the end of the World – Gold Standard Dark Sky Reserve

You will be transported into the Atlantic darkness to view the sky full of gleaming bright jewels of the universe above. Away from the distractions of the world, be enchanted to the magical views above along with the mystical sounds of the sea and waves crashing on the cliffs of Valentia. Read more…


Bird Watching Excursions

Land, Coastal and Estuary Feather Experiences

The nature and wildlife to be found among Valentia and the uninhabited islands close by, allow the bird watching enthusiast to be coveted with uninterrupted access to birds in their element as they roam among the countryside. Read more…