Meet the pair behind Kerry Aqua Terra

Located just off the Ring of Kerry’s main road, Valentia Islands stunning landscape and unspoilt coastline can be admired through Kerry Aqua Terra’s adventure tours created by husband-and-wife duo Brendan and Elizabeth.

Brendan, a native of Valentia, wanted to showcase the sights and stories this unique island offers. With his love for boats and knowledge of Valentia Harbour and the Skellig Coast, it didn’t take long to implement a tour plan with a little bit of help from Elizabeth. Elizabeth, originally from Armagh, married Brendan and moved to Kerry to help put his tours and adventure ideas into action. With her love for history and tales, Elizabeth started her research to fully develop the information and stories visitors enjoy while onboard their boats.

Together, Brendan and Elizabeth, continue to create a unique adventure experience that any age can enjoy when visiting Valentia Island off the Southwest Coast of Kerry.

Our Adventure’s

With their love for the sea and Irish history, Brendan and Elizabeth provide explorers with a truly unique and exciting experience by interacting directly with their visitors to showcase Valentia Island and the Skellig Coasts unique geographical and cultural delights that date back to the 6th century. Visitors to the area are amazed at the wealth of historical sites that includes two monastic islands – one being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ruins of a Viking village, a 12th – 14th century Castle, a 17th century Cromwellian Fort that is now a working Lighthouse and many more interesting treasures along the way.

Whether it be a scheduled boat tour or a private group tour, all adventure tours can be enjoyed from early March to late November or early December (weather permitting of course). So, sit back, relax and explore Valentia Island through stories, folklore and tales of time gone by for a memorable experience while out boating with the Kerry Aqua Terra crew.

Our Goal

We offer competitive prices with a strong emphasis on excellent service and experience during our tours. Our primary goal is to be a leading company in sustainable tourism in Ireland and provide excellent customer service and a great variety of excursions to our customers. As part of our social responsibility policy, we support the local community and focus on building good relationships with our colleagues in the sector, our neighbours, our suppliers, and our customers.

Kerry Aqua Terra’s experienced crew members and skippers are fully licenced and approved by the Irish Maritime Administration. With your skipper and deckhand on board, you can enjoy a relaxing, enjoyable experience where you will relive the history of Valentia and the Skellig Coast through pictures, stories, walks, and facts that will surprise everyone.

Our crew believe in the company’s environmental policy, and together we are working towards sustainable tourism for the stunning island of Valentia, Co. Kerry, on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way through Kerry Aqua Terras tours and adventures.

Continued Development 

As well as developing amazing adventures for those explorers by car, bus or ferry, we have also continued to develop unique packages for Cruise Ships visiting South Kerry. Over the past few years, we have been working closely with Cruise companies from around the world to showcase and offer expeditions and tours of the Skellig Coast and Valentia Harbour.  

We use only the best local guides and amenities to ensure all guests experience an authentic visit along Kerry’s Wild Atlantic Way. All ship visits are custom designed to provide the best experience during their short trip ashore.