Environmental Policy

The tourism growth throughout the Island of Ireland inevitably impacts the environment that the visitor is here to see and experience.
Many of our tours, by definition, travel through a variety of different environments. Therefore, we try to cause as little impact as possible during our journeys, and where possible, to act in such a way to benefit the local communities and environment.

We understand the impacts of our operations and pro-actively seek to ensure that our operations are as locally sustainable as possible. In addition, we are fully committed to adhering to Irish and EU laws concerning environmental issues.

We show our continuing commitment to environmental sustainability by:

  • Preserving the current resource base for future generations.
  • Maintaining the productivity of the resource base.
  • Maintaining biodiversity and avoiding irreversible environmental changes.
  • Reducing waste by recycling and promoting responsible use of resources.
  • Preferring environmentally friendly suppliers and services.
  • Raise awareness among our staff and guides.

We focus on the principle of the three R’s:

Reduce – the number of resources used in the first place.

Reuse – as much as possible after first use.

Recycle – as much as possible of what remains for another use.

For questions regarding environmental issues, please get in touch with us at info@kerryaquaterra.ie