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Kerry Aqua Terra has for hire four boats for commercial activities.

  1. ‘Fastworker’ is a 5.5-meter, shallow draft, fast and versatile workboat.
  2. ‘The Navigator’ is a 9-meter, extra-wide beam, high-speed passenger boat and workboat.
  3. ‘Betty Frank’ is a 7-meter cabin vessel with a sheltered area ideal for survey work and equipment.
  4. ‘Skellig Bounty’ is a 10.5-meter offshore workboat that is ideal for survey work, navigation aids, maintenance and diving.

Fifish V6 Underwater Drone For Survey Work  

With advanced training and understanding using the Fifish V6 Underwater Drone, the Kerry Aqua Terra team can help you, and your underwater tasks/surveys are performed easier and, most of all, cost-effective.

Under the current circumstances, it may not be possible to assemble teams to conduct survey dives, marine research or ships inspections. Still, we at Kerry Aqua Terra can save you the hassle by using our new survey equipment that can be streamed live worldwide. The V6 drone has a dive time of up to 4hrs and can be deployed from shore or a support vessel reaching depths of up to 110m (328 ft).
Our equipment is suitable for: –

  • Vessel Propellers, Thrusters & Stabilisers Survey
  • Navigation Aids, Pipeline & Power Cable Survey
  • Fish Farm Survey
  • Diver Support
  • Search & Rescue tasks
  • Marine Research
  • Construction Projects
  • Infrastructure Inspections
  • Film, Television or Documentary

With 6 thrusters, our equipment can move sideways, forward, backward, up, down, roll, pan and tilt. In addition, with combined movements such as bow, dive nose or spiral, the survey can be completed with rotational stability while performing 360-degree spin. In low visibility or even at night, our powerful lighting system of 4000 lumens will capture exceptional 4K quality with 30 frames per second. This equipment will assist your survey with impressive picture resolution to achieve great slow motion and viewing onsite or live streaming to external sources.

The ‘Fastworker’

Kerry Aqua Terra’s boat, ‘Fastworker’, offers safety, comfort, and speed commercial work activities. The ‘Fastworker’ offers speed with a shallow draft and is versatile in any environment, including shallow harbours, rivers and quarries.

The boat comes fully insured & licenced by the Dept. of Transport with a P4 licence for 3 passengers and crew.

The boat is fitted with a 60hp engine achieving a top speed of 25kts.

‘Fastworker’ is road transportable & available with a qualified crew.

‘Betty Frank’

Kerry Aqua Terra’s boat, ‘Betty Frank’ offers the complete survey platform, onboard 12v power supply and reliability for hydrographic survey work activities. ‘Betty Frank’ offers efficiency with shallow draft and versatility in any environment including shallow harbours, rivers and to sea.

The boat comes fully insured & licenced by the Dept. of Transport with a P4 licence for 4 crew.

The boat is fitted with an inboard diesel engine achieving a top speed of 15kts.

‘Betty Frank’ is road transportable & available with a qualified crew nationwide.

‘The Navigator’

Kerry Aqua Terra’s boat, ‘The Navigator’, was built with safety, comfort, and mobility in early 2019.

The boat is easily accessible for wheelchairs or mobility-restricted users, with a front ramp fitted explicitly at the front of the boat and a side door fitted on both sides. Also included are all-around safety railings to ensure both young and old can sit back and enjoy the speed and power while enjoying the beautiful sights of Valentia Harbour.

The boat was specially designed and built to full international safety and performance criteria to deliver a boat suitable for passenger and workboat uses of the highest quality. With an extra-wide beam of 3.2m, ‘The Navigator’ is an ideal platform for an extended time at sea or work site. In addition, the unique bow ramp allows roll-on, roll-off, and facility for work equipment and workers, reducing the need for lifting equipment and creating an improved working environment.

The boat comes fully insured & licenced by the Dept. of Transport with a P4 for 3 passengers and 2 crew and a P2 for 12 passengers & 2 crew members.

The boat is fitted with a 300hp engine that achieves a top speed of 40kts and allows fast access to remote work sites.

This boat is road transportable & available with a qualified crew.