Winter Star Gazing Cruise

Exploring Kerry’s Dark Sky Reserve by Boat 1.5hrs

This cruise only operates during the Winter and early Spring months.

Discover the celestial wonders of one of the world’s only three Gold Tier Dark Sky Reserves with our exclusive Winter Stargazing Cruise, a serene voyage that comes to life in the heart of winter and early spring. Valentia Harbour, renowned for its summer beauty, transforms into a cosmic gateway during the colder months, offering a magical backdrop for an unparalleled stargazing experience.

Tour Notes

  • Departures from Knightstown, Valentia Island & Renard Point.
  • Tour last approximately 1.5 hours
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Sensible footwear required
  • Blankets provided

€50 per person / min. 4 persons to operate the tour

Aboard ‘The Navigator,’ you’ll be whisked away on a 1.5-hour journey where the ocean’s embrace meets the starlit sky. We provide you with a cosy blanket to keep the winter chill away, leaving only the awe-inspiring spectacle of the Milky Way and countless stars overhead. This unique tour merges the tranquillity of the sea with the mystery of the stars, promising an unforgettable night.

Key Highlights:

  • Gold Tier Dark Sky Viewing: Experience unmatched clarity and beauty under one of the rarest skies on Earth, perfect for astronomy enthusiasts and romantic souls alike.
  • Seasonal Operation: Our Winter Stargazing Cruise is specially curated for optimal celestial viewing, operating exclusively from November to March when the skies are at their darkest and clearest.

Given the reliance on clear dark skies, our scheduled cruises may adjust according to weather conditions, ensuring the best possible stargazing experience for our guests. Comfort and safety are paramount; we advise sensible footwear for this night cruise.

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