In the event that the tour/trip does not proceed due to bad weather, we reserve the right to cancel the tour/trip at any time as your safety and enjoyment is our priority – this is explained below.

Tours/trips on ‘The Navigator’

The tour will go ahead if there is a light drizzle; however, all tour cancellations will depend on the wind and heavier rain.

When the weather is particularly dramatic, tours may be moved to our enclosed boat the ‘Skellig Bounty’ if possible. However, if this can not be done, your tour will be rescheduled or cancelled on infrequent occasions.

We will contact you in advance on these occasions so please ensure that your details are correct when booking so we can contact you easily.

Tours/trips on the ‘Skellig Bounty’

As the ‘Skellig Bounty’ ventures outside the harbour, the weather conditions can differ dramatically!

If our Skipper considers the weather and sea conditions unsuitable or unsafe, we reserve the right to cancel a trip/tour at any time. Your tour will be rescheduled or cancelled.

If the weather permits, it may be possible to offer you other tour options that we have within the shelter of Valentia Harbour. Should you wish to avail of this please let us know when we contact you.

You can also call our customer services number for further information and updates + 353 87 922 0544.